Session 4

Friday 2:00 - 3:30 pm

#1 A Healing Space

Rev. Anita M. Cobb

This workshop is geared towards helping start the process of healing through caring for yourself. In this space we will breathe, reflect, pray. We will give back to ourselves what we give to others in our daily work. Through a guided practice we will take time to see the good we do and the ways in which our lives impact change in our communities. There is no specific demographic.

#19 "When the Pastor Has Another Job" 

Rev. Kristen Bentley

This workshop highlights what we’ve learned in Lexington Theological Seminary’s research project regarding bi-vocational ministry. It shares findings from both a web survey of Disciples ministers in Kentucky and interviews conducted with solo bi-vocational pastors and lay leaders. The workshop also shares three interpretive narratives regarding bi-vocational ministry, that it is: a “sign of the times,”the “way we’ve always done ministry,” and the “cutting edge of the future.”

#24 Dream! Plan! Worship! 

Rev. Dr. Delesslyn A. Kennebrew

Many of our congregations dream of experiencing a more energetic and inspiring worship experience when they gather on Sunday mornings or any other day of the week. So, let us get together to brainstorm and plan to outline three types of worship experiences that you would love to attend and to invite others to at your church or around your community. 

#25 Finanzas Sanas/Healthy Finances

Antonio Rodriguez

Bilingual workshop: Our culture is experiencing faster changes than ever before. Some congregations are facing challenges in how to have a better use of its facilities. Let us see how other congregations are recreating the use of its buildings.

#29 Is Your Building an Asset or a Liability!

Rosario Ibarra

Bilingual workshop: Our culture is experiencing faster changes than ever before. Some congregations are facing challenges in how to have a better use of its facilities. Let’s see how other congregations are recreating the use of its buildings.

#30 Korea's Peace Jubilee: Seeking Real Peace After 70 Years of Conflict

Derek Duncan, Jessica Kim, John Ahn

Disciples church partners in Korea say the 70th anniversary of the Korean war in 2020 is a time for Jubilee. How is our church joining with global partners in efforts to seek peace? Two young NAPAD members who participated in a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace to Korea in 2019 will share their experiences and perspectives on what Disciples can do to make peace real in the Korean peninsula. * open to all, but perhaps of particular interest to NAPAD members, young adults

#31 Let There Be Peace on Earth

Brian Frederick-Gray and the 2020 DPF Peace Interns

Disciples Peace Fellowship invites you to join us in living out the Gospel imperative for peace and justice! During this workshop you'll learn about DPF's Peace Intern Program, Meet the 2020 Peace Interns, and participate in the justice workshops that the Interns have been leading at camps and conferences throughout the summer. If you are a young adult with a passion for peace and a heart for justice (or if you know someone who is!) then this is the workshop you for.

#33 M & M's: Marriage and Ministry Together

Rev. Lori Tapia & Martin Tapia, and others

Finding balance in marriage when both partners are called to ministry can be difficult. Creating space for both in the togetherness, yet separateness is often taxing on the relationship. This interactive workshop will provide couples in ministry together with tools to strengthen the relationship both personally and ministerially and will foster a connection to a network of other couples in ministry to continue to grow together.

#35 Paying the Pastor 

Aaron Smith

We will detail best practices around paying a Pastor, including how a pastor should negotiate their salary and benefits. This would be targeting to clergy and church staff.

#36 Protecting Children in Ministry: An Abuse Prevention Workshop

Lisa Gonzalez, Director of Loss Control 

An introduction to abuse prevention and resources including background checks for volunteers, staff, and anyone working with children, the need for having a "safe church policies" and risk management steps to protect children in your Ministry. 

#37 Remembranzas: Crossing the Borders of Amnesia 

Rev. Dr. Loida I. Martell

Joseph Barndt and others have noted that two of the socializing tendencies of structural racism are that it makes people invisible, and it creates a system of amnesia. Invisibility and amnesia makes us all forget past victims of racial, gender, homophobic, religious, and other structural violence. This forgetfulness allows us to repeat history, and thus continue to victimize future generations. In this workshop, Dr. Martell will lead participants to create liturgies of “remembranza” (remembrance), similar to how the Jewish community “remembers” Passover and the Christian community “remembers” the Last Supper—to help us remember past, and not only present, victims of violence. More importantly, such liturgical practices will help our communities remember such violence across racial and religious barriers: that the death of one becomes the deaths of all, and therefore, in remembering, we hold a promise to struggle for the lives of all.

#38 The Power of Generosity

Bruce Barkhauer, Center for Faith and Giving; Lee Hull Moses, Office of the General Minister and President

It's not an understatement to say that creating a culture of generosity can transform your church. In this workshop, you'll learn about: - the scriptural basis for generosity as a central practice of faith - tips and tools for talking about giving in your church - resources available from the Center of Faith and Giving - how the Disciples Mission Fund empowers local congregations This workshop is ideal for clergy or laity. Come and discover how the power of generosity can change your church.

#39 The Spiritual Practice of Self-Care

Pastor Anthony L. Holmes, Sr.

This is an exciting and informative workshop that focuses on combating both Clergy and Laity Burnout within the church by creatively highlighting scriptures that encourage us engage in Self Care as a spiritual practice. There is information shared from various studies on burn out, interactive dialogue, as well as opportunities for some best Self-Care practices to be shared by all. 

#40 Unique and United: Struggling Together For Justice 

Representatives from African American, Hispanic, and Asian communities

This workshop will examine the different ways that different communities have resisted Injustice and oppression; and explore ways in which these communities might find common ground in promoting greater justice for themselves and for all opressed peoples and groups.

#41 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101 

Min. Sara Rudolph-Pollard

As Christians, we are many parts from various backgrounds & cultures with different ways of viewing the world. The focus of this interactive workshop is to provide a basic understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Upon the conclusion of the workshop, participants will understand the importance of DEI, how to recognize and handle biases, microaggressions, microassaults, sterotypes, tokenism, and church bullying.

#42 Perfectamente Diferentes: Educación transformadora para la niñez con necesidades especiales  

Nohemi Pagan

The workshop will explore different methodologies and theologies to affirm the importance of serving the community of children with special needs.

#43 Will Our Children Have Faith?: Basic Insights to Ministries Across Generations

Rev. Olivia Undergrove

John Westerhoff wrote a book in in 1976 (titled) and asking this question, “Will Our Children Have Faith?” 40 years later, as we engage in what it means to experience our faith and our world in 2020, many would answer this question with a resounding, “No.” Over the last 40 years, many have walked away from the deeper knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ.  Many people do not live faithful and faith-filled daily lives. They do not have significant relationships with Jesus Christ due to a number of factors. Do you notice this in your churches, homes, and communities? Do you notice that many do not know simple ways of living with Jesus? Are you frustrated that our children may not have the faith that has sustained our hearts? As the Minister for Ministries Across Generations, it is my job to listen to your concerns, and to share with you some of the insights, tools, and strategies that can help all ages have a closer daily walk with God.

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