Session 1

Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm

#2 Help Out of the Shadows: Dialogue around the sanctuary of LGBTQ+ Disciples

Eric Wilcox-LeSure, & DOC Guest Panelists

The LGBTQ+ Person of Color experience, within the DOC, mirrors a life lived within the shadows of constant uncertainty around sanctuary within our sanctuaries, communion within our communities, and love within our lives. This workshop invites us all to dialogue, listen, feel, and affirm the humanity of one another so as to walk in true harmony & welcome. The table is set, the light is being shown, so that the shadows can come into the light & have a seat at the table. Will you join us?

#3 Ancestral Identity: Our Loss and Reclamation 

David B Bell

We all wonder about where we come from.  Who were our kin, our landscape of origin, and how they informed one another?  We will explore our lost ancestral kinship (landscape & people) identity due to racist colonization.  We’ll question how those driving forces continue to impact the American landscape’s indigeneity.  And consider actions we might engage to reclaim ancestral kinship in our context—a kinship to pass on to our children and our children’s children.

#4 Chalice Table Talk: An Intergenerational Conversation about the 21st Church

Revs. Milton Bowens and Cherisna Jean-Marie 

This workshop is inspired by the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, designed as an inter-generational conversation about current issues as it relates to the Church. Our goal is to create a safe space, build relationships, find common ground, and begin to talk about what kind of future that keeps our Church relevant to current issues and her effectiveness. We believe the church is and continues to be the salt of the earth and it is brave conversations like these that will keep us effective. 

#6 Perfectamente Diferentes: Educatión tranformadora para la niné con necesidades especiales

The Rev. Dr. Néstor Gomez

Discipulado Coaching is the process of coming alongside a church team so they discover God's purpose for their lives and ministries, and as a result, they become disciples that make disciples. El Discipulado Coaching es el proceso de unirse a un equipo de la iglesia para que los participantes descubran el propósito de Dios para sus vidas y ministerios, de manera que se transformen en discípulos que forman discípulos. Audience: women, men, clergy, lay leaders, youth leaders, young adult.

#8 How to Keep Church Finances in Order and Not Compromise Ministry 

Belinda R. King 

This workshop will give participants a baseline overall view of financial administration. You will learn in-depth concepts of congregation/church finances in order to make leaders comfortable with asking the right questions with church (financial) leadership. Attendees will also learn how to understand and read a financial statement, how to create levels of church financial security and how teaching Pastors financial self-care in the areas of income tax, compensation planning, personal budget

#9 Keep That Ablaze! Harnessing the Ancient Practice of Remembrance for Present-day Calling

Esther Robles

This presentation explores the ancient practice of Remembrance and how it can be used to reignite disciples for life and mission. My workshop is based in part on my doctoral dissertation which was field tested with Hispanics/Latinos in Central Florida last year, December 2018. However, the topic is central to Scripture and the Christian faith, relevant and applicable to all attendees.

#10 La Lucha Continua/The Struggle is Real!

NBA Immigration Detention Immersion Trip Participants and NBA Staff

Join the NBA Immigration Immersion Trip Participants and the NBA Staff. This 2-part workshop will explore oppression in the U.S. and abroad and the dehumanizing tactics used on African Americans, Latinos, Filipinos, farm workers etc. Drawing connections between colonialism, slavery, mass incarceration and the weaponization of immigration laws. Finally, we will strategize concrete movement building thru activism, advocacy and organizing within the Christian Church (DOC).

#11 Making One Million New Disciples: Exploring Strategies for Multiplication

Pastor Terrell L McTyer

We celebrate the formation of 1000 New Church, 1000 Different Ways inspired by the 2020 Vision. Now what? New Church Ministry challenges us to make one million new disciples in a decade. What will it take to accomplish this mission? How can you and your congregation participate? The Great Commission is a mandate, not a suggestion. Its time to get going! Learn how to motivate every member of your collective to be more externally focused and welcome new believers.

#13 Praise God: Loving Our Neighbor and Caring for the Planet

Rev. Carol Devine & Rev. Scott Hardin-Niere

Part 1 will explore 3 ways of Praising God. I. Praising God with our bodies (health, food & faith, self-care). II. Praising God in by caring for neighbors (environmental racism, justice)/ III. Praising God through Stewardship of Earth (Climate Crisis, Buildings, land & finances) Part 2 will include a panel with representatives offering wisdom from Obra Hispana, National Convocation and NAPAD. We plan to have musicians & singers to guide our Praise.

#14 Recognition of Africans in the Bible and Early Church 

Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Murray

Biblical hermeneutics are used to dispel popular church/social myths that claim Africans were introduced to the Christian faith only after arriving on America's shores as slaves. Other myths include God's curse on Ham (Noah's son) making him a black slave for seeing his father's nakedness. We explore the "Table of Nations" (Genesis 10) to identify descendants of Ham (Cush/Mizraim/Phut/Canaan) present in the OT/NT. All audiences targeted to reveal God's total plan for salvation. 

#15 Swimming Against the Current/Nadando Contra la Corriente

Gilberto Collazo

All at some time all congregations will face challenges of decline and a sense of being stuck. We are called to experience continual transformation in our ministry outreach, as well as our life together as a faith community. Usually, it is the dominant culture who determines the marks of vital, transforming congregations. We are called to question the status quo and forge new ways of empowerment, as well as name those things that are holding us back in each of our contexts.

#17 Threefold Cord: Finding Mental Wellness Solutions Together

Angela Whitenhill, Hector Hernandez and NBA Partners

This workshop will highlight the most prevalent mental health issues within each ethnic community; discuss the ways historic oppression has impacted the wellness of each community and lift up the effective spiritual and cultural coping skills that have birthed out of church to help mediate the throws of historic marginalization. Together we will discuss what the church can do to continue its quest for wholeness and wellness, by sharing the rich history of survival, resilience and cultural...

#18 Understanding Apostolic Ministry in Today's Church 

Apostle John Harvey, Pastor Sandy Harvey

Open to all. • Provide a deeper understanding of Apostolic Ministry • Focus on how Apostolic Ministry establishes order, spiritual authority, healing, and leadership development • Engage participants with the response to oppression through spiritual worship and maturity • Explore how ministry standards should be elevated to increase Excellence in Ministry when upholding Apostolic Ministry Part 2 - panel representation from NAPAD, Obra Hispana, and National Convocation 

#26 Heavenly Economics

Rev. Jae Young Rhee

Heavenly Economics Part 1, Heavenly Economics for Oikonomos - discuss about basic biblical and spiritual concepts of economics in comparison with conventional concepts of Economics and /or Christian Economics Part 2, Heavenly Economics - It's Real! - discuss about how to apply biblical principles in daily economic life and experience heavenly reality. 

Session 1

Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Session 2

Thursday 2:00 - 3:20 pm

Session 3

Thursday 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Session 4

Friday 2:00 - 3:30 pm

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