Session 3

Thursday 3:40 - 5:00 pm

#5 Cloud of Witnesses

Disciples Women (IDWM)

Let’s get to know one another! Find your voice, get to know Disciples Women, local, regional, and general. Come see what Disciples Women are doing. Participate in a show and tell, listen and learn, praise through sharing God’s blessing in your community. Hear Herstory, Your story and Ourstory. Bring your Purse of Blessings.

#7 Moving Money to Mission: Church Funding for the Present and the Future

Bobby Hawley & Marilyn Fiddmon

Could your ministry benefit from an additional stream of income? Learn about the Christian Church Foundation’s Joint Investment Trust and discover how the Foundation can assist your ministry in an investment strategy that will benefit the mission of the church. We will also talk about legacy giving and the power of end-of-life gifts and how they can enhance the future of your congregation’s ministry and vision.

#22 Being Fruitful to the End

Rev. Toni Colbert

Anyone could benefit from what will be presented. However, the workshop's target is for anyone (especially a church leader) who has reached the “Big S” status which stands for 'Seasoned' or 'Senior.' Earning the 'Big Sâ rites of passage does not mean we “Stop” Living. Ageism in America and the church will be discussed. Helpful ways for being strengthened & still producing fruit will be shared. What can we add or eliminate in our lives now to make running this race to the finish happen?

#32 LINC: Leadership Influencing Neighborhood Collaboration 

Rev. Dr. Charles F. Marshall III

This workshop focuses how to encourage leadership in bringing together government, the church, and the non-profit to collaborate in finding optimal solutions to meet the needs of the community and lift the people. This workshop will share some of the findings of a DHM project, "Georgia Black Leadership Project" which focused on several cities where the church, government, and nonprofit organizations came together to find ways to serve the people better.

#44 The History of the North American/Pacific Asian Disciples

Rev. Dr. Timothy Lee

This workshop examines the history of the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples, focusing on two distinct periods: before and after 1965. Before 1965, Asian Disciples were scattered throughout the country with little networking among them. While churches centered their communal and personal lives, they were at the margins of the denomination and the larger society, subjected to a variety of racist measures that prevailed in the country. After 1965, Asian Disciples began to organize into a larger community and to move into the mainstream of the denomination, aided significantly by the 1965 Immigration Law, which enabled, for the first time, Asians to immigrate to the US on the same footing as people from other continents. The workshop will be a Power Point presentation.

#45 Do you hear the Call? Acts 1:8 Explore Mission Service with Global Ministries 

Rev. Dr. Catherine Nichols

This workshop is open to all who feel a call to serve with Global Ministries – through short term volunteer service, long term volunteer service, as candidates to be supported missionaries, or who would like to help their congregations participate in people to people pilgrimages or prayer support for our missionaries and partners.

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Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm

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Session 3

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